Project Goals

Working across Devon, the project aimed to secure the future of this species in the county. The objectives were to ensure the habitats needed are present, that our bat knowledge is better and that the people of Devon know about the species and so are better able to look after it.

bat conservation


Securing a future for greater horseshoes in Devon relies on those who own and manage the habitats where these bats live. Farmers and landowners have been managing these for centuries, but this is getting harder as new challenges are faced. The project helped them with this – from ensuring roosts were looked after to helping farmers manage parasitic worms, from recreating flower-rich grasslands and hedges to financial support for long-term management.

greater horseshoe bat flying


How much do you know about greater horseshoes? The people of Devon have helped this fantastic species to thrive here for centuries, whether they knew it or not. The project helped Devon’s communities to learn about their night time neighbour, offering opportunities to celebrate and support the bats; from classroom activities to sowing a wildflower meadow, surveying to building a roost.

guided bat habitat walk


We know a lot about this enigmatic mammal, but there is so much still to learn. Citizen science surveys gave local communities and individuals the opportunity to play a leading role in increasing our understanding of how the greater horseshoe uses the landscapes around its roosts. The project also commissioned habitat analysis to understand more clearly what features the bats are using and then used this information to guide the work with landowners.