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Dave Edgcumbe – Project Officer, North Devon Coast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

What is your involvement?

The bat project gave us a great opportunity to tell people about bats and nature conservation. A series of events, as well installing information about greater horseshoe bats, helped us to spread the word.

As a direct result of the project, we supported the development of two community projects, through our Sustainable Development Fund.

Working closely with two groups, we created an Audio Trail with Braunton Countryside Centre. We built a dedicated bat information point/viewing area at Braunton Beacon, a small nature reserve owned by the Parish Council. As an added bonus, both projects used local contractors.

Why you are involved and what do you get out of it?

As well as raising awareness of the importance of the bats, the project has also raised the profile of our organisation.

We helped to create 2 Bat Trail walks which promote important areas around Braunton and encourage people to explore areas of the North Devon Coast AONB.

The bat project’s Advisory Officer advises local landowners. In turn this  encourages them to carry out activities which meet the landscape and conservation objectives of the AONB.

We now have a popular programme of Bat Walks. The success of these has led to  further walks on other parts of the AONB. The walks are always well attended by the public.

By being part of this project, we have strengthened our links to community organisations such as Braunton Countryside Centre, Combe Martin Museum and Braunton Parish Council.

Further information

North Devon AONB website

Bat trail-Braunton Walk 1

Bat trail- Braunton Walk 2

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