Landowner Case Study

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Jim Palmer, Luscombe Farm


Farm Adviser, Anna David, met Mr Palmer when she visited Luscombe Farm in South Devon (which is less than 1 km from a maternity roost).
After 6o years of dairy farming, the last of the dairy herd had been after numerous years of TB cases.
Mr Palmer was preparing to start a beef herd to replace the dairy herd. After seeing the farm, it was clear that there was potential for a countryside stewardship agreement. This would allow him to farm in an a more environmentally sympathetic way. With Anna’s advice and support (particularly about habitat management for bats) a successful application was made.

Jim, why you are involved and what do you get out of it?

If it wasn’t for the Bat Project I would never have entered into Higher Tier Stewardship. It is only because of this that I have changed my use of wormers to ensure Avermectins are no longer used on the fields used by the Greater Horseshoe Bat. This means that there are now plenty of dung beetles, which in turn are excellent prey for bats.

Working with the bat project has really improved my understanding of greater horseshoe bats, what they need and why my farm is so important for them.

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