Devon Seven Appeal

In these unprecedented times, the bat project team has had to make changes to the ways we can actively help Devon’s bats. But we are still working for a better future for greater horseshoes and the habitats they rely on, just as we have since the project started in 2014.

But in the final year of the project, we need to ask the help of you and other great supporters of Devon’s greater horseshoe bats. With just seven months until this Lottery support ends, we need to raise funds to cover habitat management and community work for greater horseshoes this year.

Thanks to the annual pledge of support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, every £7 donated by supporters to the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project is worth £20 for the team’s bat conservation work.

Working across seven areas of Devon, we’ve set out seven ways a ‘Devon seven’ donation – each £7 really worth £20 for bats – can help.

Please take a look at the Devon Wildlife Trust website to find out more – and if you can give a ‘Devon seven’ for greater horseshoes we will be immensely grateful.

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