Devon Bat Survey – CLOSED

IMPORTANT: Devon Bat Survey 2020 has now finished

SURVEY REPORTS: If you took part, you should receive an email with your report by the end of November 2020.  Don’t forget to check your junk mail for this!

The Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project is end in January 2021. However we hope that the Devon Bat Survey will be able to continue in some form in the coming years. This will depend on a number of factors not least the availability of funding .

Huge thanks go to the Monitoring Centres who supported the survey in 2020, in challenging circumstances, and also all those who have taken part during the previous 4 years. We couldn’t have run Devon Bat Survey without you!

Also many thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who have taken part. We hope you enjoyed finding out about the bats near you. You’ve provided a huge amount of vital bat data for ongoing research.