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Tessa Frost, community volunteer in Chudleigh 

What is your involvement?

I’m a member of Chudleigh Wild, a group of local residents who want to share and enthuse others with their passion for wildlife! I’ve been supporting the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat project since it started. With the support of Chudleigh Town council and Teignbridge District Council, we applied for BatWorks funding and created a bat friendly garden in Chudleigh. This showcases the best wildflowers that will attract the night flying insect prey of the bats. We are proud of our specially commissioned bat bench! We also held ‘bioblitz’ surveys to find out more about wildlife in our area, as well as bat walks to spot bats. I helped to develop the 2 Bat Trail walks around the town so that people can see excellent bat habitats for themselves.

Why you are involved and what do you get out of it?

I want our local area to be full of biodiversity for future generations to enjoy. With an important roost of greater horseshoe bats on our doorstep, it’s vital that we do what we can as a community to protect these amazing creatures. Our bat garden and new information board is a great way of letting everyone know about the bats. It gives people ideas about how they can help. When the bat project comes to an end, it will then be our responsibility as a community to continue this essential work. I would love it if everybody in the town was doing their own bat friendly gardening. Think what a difference we could make by all doing our bit!

Further information

Visit the Chudleigh Bat garden at at the corner of Rock road (opposite Glenspray)
Walk the 2 bat trails around Chudleigh;

Bat trail-4.5 miles-Chudleigh

Bat trail-1.5 miles-Chudleigh

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