Long Grey-Eared

Plecotus austriacus


Grey long-eared bats are very rare, medium sized bats found only in a few places in southern England. It can be very difficult to distinguish the rare grey long-eared from the more common brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus). However, the inner earlobe (tragus) is wider and its thumbs are shorter. Grey long-eared bats tend to forage over meadows, grasslands, gardens and near forest edges.

Head & body length:

4.1 – 5.8 cm

Forearm length:

3.7 – 4.5 cm


25.5 – 30 cm


7 – 12 g cm

Average colony size:

20 – 30


up to 20 years


Larger and greyer than the brown long-eared – sometimes confused with juveniles of the latter. Face often darker with a blackish mask.

Conservation Status

One of the UK’s rarest mammals.

Roost sites

older houses with large open roof voids


moths, crane flies and small beetles


best heard at 32khz