Bat Friendly Places

Wherever you live, you can help to improve your surroundings for bats, and take pride in your furry neighbours.

BatWorks Grants

Would you like to apply for up to £2000 for your school, village or farm? Our BatWorks grant can help you carry out bat-friendly activities. More details on our website

Towns and Villages

If you live near a greater horseshoe bat roost, you can help by doing bat-friendly gardening, planting orchards, hedges and trees, sowing wildflowers, or holding events like bat walks to spread the word.


We offer free advice on how to make farms really good for bats. This is important because greater horseshoe bats rely on Devon’s wonderful countryside to find the insects they need to survive.


This amazing species on our doorstep can teach us so much about our world. By signing up to be a Bat Buddy school, young people will learn about these bats and grow up to spread the word about this amazing but threatened mammal.