Bat Buddy Award: Where to begin


N.B. this is currently in development so we recommend waiting until at least mid January 2021 before commencing logging your activities in case of any changes

What is the Bat Buddy Award?

The Bat Buddy Award is a fantastic way to get young people enthusiastic about bats and other wildlife. They are often concerned about the climate emergency and this empowers them to take action locally where they can really make a difference. It’s fun and simple to take part. Children love learning about this enigmatic but endangered creature living on their doorstep here in Devon.

Who can take part?

Anyone working in schools or with children. You don’t have to live in Devon to take part. Greater Horseshoe Bats live only in the south west of England and south Wales. However, other species of bats are found across the whole of the UK so the award can be done anywhere.

Simply do 10 activities for each level of Bronze, Silver and Gold. Once you complete 10 activities for your chosen level, you can then print your Bat Buddy Award certificate

More information

Find out more about the award and suggested activities.

Visit our downloads page for examples of the award, plus plenty of free resources to use


If you have forgotten your login, there will be a link on the login page to retrieve it.

  • Start Activity
  • Once logged in, on the left hand side of the dashboard page, click on the first link ‘Available Awards’ ( The 3 available awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold) will be listed on this page.
  • After clicking on an award, you will then need to ‘Enrol’ (green button on the right). If you have already enrolled on this activity, then click the green ‘Continue award’ button.

What are Records?

Each of the 10 activities requires one sentence containing the required information; for example: April 2021, Yr 4, 30 pupils, We built a bug hotel in our school ground

In order to qualify for the award, simply complete 10 activities, using the following steps:

  1. Click on activity 1 on the left hand menu followed by Record 1.
  2. On the main portion of the screen, click on ‘Start Activity Record’. You can also use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ links to move through each assessment within each activity, but you must ‘Save Record’ before proceeding.
  3. Fill in your reply to the given question. Remember to click Save Record each time.
  4. Complete each activity until you reach the end of the current award.
  5. Each ‘Save Record’ will appear on the main dashboard under ‘Previous attempts’. You can also delete erroneous records from here.
  6. Once you have completed all 10 activities, click The ‘All Activities Completed’ button to access your award certificate for downloading and printing.
  7. Congratulations for your work towards becoming a bat friendly school!