The Honduran White Bat

The Honduran White Bat

[An article by Janice Castro, Honduran White Bat website]

The Bat

This tiny, fluffy creature with ears and nose that looks like a leaf, has been the centre of attraction for the Honduras. Because of its special features, this cute, little animal is quite unique among its relatives. The Honduran White bat is also known as the Caribbean tent-making bat (belonging to the class of the Ectopylla genus). It is a member of the Phyllostomidae family, as are most of the leaf-nosed bats.


Their habitat preference is very unique. They are usually found in the Honduras rainforest where there are lots of Heliconia plants. The Heliconia leaves serve as tiny makeshift tents for these cute little animals, protecting them from the rain and the heat of the sun. Each leaf can hold up to twelve bats hanging underneath. What’s amazing about the Honduran White Bat is that they are not blood suckers. They love eating fruits, the fig being their top favourite!


We would love to see more of this fluffy little animal for a long, long time to come. However, they are very close to being classified as an endangered species. Their population decreases with each passing year. Since they depend on Heliconia plants for shelter and figs for their diet, the destruction of the rainforest is a threat to them.

Our website

Our goal with is to make people aware of this beautiful creature. There are no large programmes currently devoted to conservation efforts for the Honduran White Bats.  The aim of the website is to help spread the word and let everyone know how important it is to save the rainforest for these special little bats.

Janice Castro, September 2019

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