Support our Crowdfunding appeal

* this appeal is now closed – thanks to everyone who helped us beat out target!*

This September we need to raise £8,000 with our Crowdfunding Appeal

Every £3.50 you’re able to donate will magically turn into £10. This is thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s pledge to help save Devon’s bats and a wealth of other wildlife.  This means that the £8,000 from this Crowdfunder will enable us to reach an overall total of £23,000!

How will we spend the money?

The money will help create a new maternity roost for greater horseshoe bats, plant hedgerows and sow wildflower meadows to provide a rich source of insect food for mother bats and their pups.

Help with a pledge or donation today – and enjoy some unique Devon bat rewards!

Thank you from the Bat Project team (and Devon’s bats)

Bat project team

Bat project team


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Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project