Get Funding for Creative Projects with Grow Wild

Every year, Grow Wild provides funding for projects inspired by plants, wildflowers and fungi. There are two main funding types offered, one for community projects and another for youth projects. If you are interested in wildflowers and fungi then this funding opportunity might be perfect for you.

Community Funding

Grow Wild is offering grants of up to £4000 to small organisations and groups that want to get planting native wildflowers. This can fund projects that will promote their aims and objectives:

  1. focus on UK native wildflowers, plants and/or fungi, through planting or as inspiration, to help people understand the importance of these native species.
  2. work with one or more of Grow Wild’s target audiences:
    • Young people aged 12-25
    • Urban communities
    • Communities experiencing some disadvantage or reduced access to services
    • Adults that are less engaged with their community and environmental activities
  3. must be able to reach a minimum of 300 people
  4. allow people to connect with each other and nature, and to learn something new.
  5. a new and creative idea to engage the audience.

The deadline for the community project grant is Monday 10 December 2018. Visit Grow Wild’s website to find out more and apply!


Written by Caleb Compton (bat project volunteer)

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