Research Surveys

Help the project to build a detailed understanding of how greater horseshoes use their landscapes.

The project is working closely with the University of Exeter to run a series of surveys each year that look at the landscapes around priority maternity roosts. These studies will look at what specific features the bats use in the landscape.

You can take part in these scientific studies by helping to place SM2 detectors in pairs throughout these bat landscapes at different times through the summer. The data gathered will enable us to build a picture of which parts of our countryside are really important for this species. This understanding will ensure that we can manage our countryside appropriately for bats.

During Summer 2016 we ran 5 surveys at Brixham/Berry Head, and 5 in 4 of our other project areas. Thanks to all the volunteers who part in this.

The project will only be surveying a few areas each year, and may not survey all priority roost sustenance zones.

Check back in the SpringĀ for details of 2017 summer surveys.

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Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project