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Download information and resources here


Year 4 Annual Newsletter

Year 3 Annual Newsletter

Year 2 Annual Newsletter

Year 1 Annual Newsletter


Bat Conservation Trust talk

Bats & Communities talk

Bats and the Planning System

Chudleigh Wild talk

Devon Biodiversity Records Centre talk

GHB research & Conservation talk


Bats & Lighting Guide – Bat Project guide to lighting

Bats and the Law – Bat Conservation Trust guide

Bats and Buildings – Bat Conservation Trust guide

Bats and Artificial Lighting – Bat Conservation Trust guidance note



Download these self-guided walks around the greater horseshoe bat project areas to see for yourselves the habitats bats need to live and hunt around Devon.

Bat trail-1-Berry Head

Bat trail-2-Bovey Tracey

Bat trail-3-Branscombe

Bat trail-4-Braunton (1)

Bat trail-5-Braunton (2)

Bat trail-6-Buckfastleigh

Bat trail-7-Chudleigh (1)

Bat trail-8-Chudleigh (2)

Bat trail-9-Dartmouth

Bat trail-10-Donkey Sanctuary

Bat trail-11-Tamar (1)

Bat trail-12-Tamar (2)


Community groups (including schools) and landowners can apply for up to £2000 to kick-start their own greater horseshoe bat activities.

Landowners Batworks Grant – details of our Batworks grant scheme

Batworks for Communities– details of our Batworks grant scheme


Bat Friendly Community Award – how your community can work towards being a bat-friendly place to live.

Community Award Record of Activities –  record your community activities on these forms


Bat Buddy School Award– engaging children in all areas of the curriculum, our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards give you access to a wealth of batty resources.

Bat Buddy School Record of Activities – record your school activities on these forms

Websites and Resources – your one stop shop for fantastic websites, resources, videos and ideas for your project

Bat Facts – loads of facts about bats in general, and the greater horseshoe bat

School assembly primary pdf – contact for a powerpoint version

Wildflower meadow school session pdf –  contact for a powerpoint version

Bug hotels and bat boxes school session pdf  – contact for a powerpoint version

Bat Detectors school session pdf –  contact for a powerpoint version

Bat Project Poster – best printed A3 in colour

Bat Food Chain Poster – best printed A3 in colour

Bat Conservation Trust – fantastic activity downloads

Bat Conservation Trust ‘Bats for All’ pack – amazing downloadable resource pack

Greater Horseshoe Bat Prey Chart – find out what prey is around throughout the year



A series of useful guides with lots of management information to ensure good habitat management for greater horseshoe bats.

Greater Horseshoe Bats

Woodlands for Greater Horseshoe Bats

Farm Buildings and Roosts for Greater Horseshoe Bats

Rivers, Streams and Ponds for Greater Horseshoe Bats

Hedge Management for Greater Horseshoe Bats

Orchards for Greater Horseshoe Bats

Species Rich Grassland Management and Creation

Parasite Management in Livestock and Greater Horseshoe Bats

Bats & Lighting

Ash Dieback Information Sheet



Volunteer registration pack – Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project– more details on volunteering with the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project, and to register your interest.

Volunteer hours recording sheet – please complete if you have done any volunteering for us


AQA accreditation scheme information 2017 – read how your volunteering can lead to recognition of your efforts.


This information should be included in your survey equipment box, but can be downloaded and printed if required;

Instruction Manual for Borrowers 2019 – how to set up your bat detector

Recording sheet – record your survey details on this form

FAQ & Troubleshooting guide 2019 answers to some frequently asked questions

2019 Risk Assessment for volunteers – risk assessment to be read by all borrowers

Information for Monitoring Centres – information for the Monitoring Centres to help with the smooth running of the survey

Monitoring Centre details 2019 – details of each centre where you can borrow the bat detector

Landowner letter – give this to the landowner if you are surveying on someone else’s land

Land owner form with landowner tips –  information and sign up for a landowner about the Devon Bat Survey


Stars of the Night Sky – Greater Horseshoe Bat Booklet – find out how you can look after greater horseshoes and other bats in your own garden.

Encouraging Bats – a Bat Conservation Trust guide on which plants to choose, bat boxes, and how to tell common species apart.

Bat box specification – make your own bat box with this handy guide

Bats_and_Trees – an informative poster from Bat Conservation Trust/Mammal Next Door 

Plantlife Road Verge Guide – a guide from Plantlife on how to make verges (or other patches of public land) good for wildlife

Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project