Download information & resources

Bat Friendly Community Award – how your community can work towards being a bat-friendly place to live.

Community Award Record of Activities –  record your community activities on these forms

Bat Buddy School Award– engaging children in all areas of the curriculum, our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards give you access to a wealth of batty resources.

Bat Buddy School Record of Activities – record your school activities on these forms

Websites and Resources – your one stop shop for fantastic websites, resources, videos and ideas for your project

Bat Facts – loads of facts about bats in general, and the greater horseshoe bat

School assembly primary pdf – contact for a powerpoint version

Wildflower meadow school session pdf –  contact for a powerpoint version

Bug hotels and bat boxes school session pdf  – contact for a powerpoint version

Bat Detectors school session pdf –  contact for a powerpoint version

Bat Project Poster – best printed A3 in colour

Bat Food Chain Poster – best printed A3 in colour

Bat Conservation Trust – fantastic activity downloads

Bat Conservation Trust ‘Bats for All’ pack – amazing downloadable resource pack

Greater Horseshoe Bat Prey Chart – find out what prey is around throughout the year

Volunteer registration pack – Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project– more details on volunteering with the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project, and to register your interest.

Volunteer hours recording sheet – please complete if you have done any volunteering for us

AQA accreditation scheme information 2017 – read how your volunteering can lead to recognition of your efforts.

This information should be included in your survey equipment box, but can be downloaded and printed if required;

Instruction Manual for Borrowers 2019 – how to set up your bat detector

Recording sheet – record your survey details on this form

FAQ & Troubleshooting guide 2019 answers to some frequently asked questions

2019 Risk Assessment for volunteers – risk assessment to be read by all borrowers

Information for Monitoring Centres – information for the Monitoring Centres to help with the smooth running of the survey

Monitoring Centre details 2019 – details of each centre where you can borrow the bat detector

Landowner letter – give this to the landowner if you are surveying on someone else’s land

Land owner form with landowner tips –  information and sign up for a landowner about the Devon Bat Survey

Stars of the Night Sky – Greater Horseshoe Bat Booklet – find out how you can look after greater horseshoes and other bats in your own garden.

Encouraging Bats – a Bat Conservation Trust guide on which plants to choose, bat boxes, and how to tell common species apart.

Bat box specification – make your own bat box with this handy guide

Bats_and_Trees – an informative poster from Bat Conservation Trust/Mammal Next Door 

Plantlife Road Verge Guide – a guide from Plantlife on how to make verges (or other patches of public land) good for wildlife