Devon Bat Survey

Join the Devon Bat Survey in 2017 to find out what bats are in your garden or on your favourite walk

All bats have a slightly different sound used for echolocation and we use bat detectors that listen to the bats’ calls to distinguish between species.

During Summer 2016 people have been joining our Devon Bat Survey by borrowing an SM4 bat detector from 10 locations across Devon through our online booking service. The equipment put this out for 3 nights in your local area before returning it. Trained data analysis volunteers will then look at the recordings and send the data back to the project (and to you).

As more people use the detectors, the information gathered by the Devon Bat Survey will give the project a more detailed understanding of where greater horseshoes are across Devon, helping us to find new roosts and ensure that our work is focused in the right areas. Data on all bat species will be passed on to the Devon Biodiversity Records Centre.

For 2017 the Devon Bat Survey will run from April-October, so check back then to book your detector.

Book a Detector Here

An SM4 bat detector

An SM4 bat detector – yours to borrow!

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Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project