Dartmouth Orchard May Day Picnic

Date: Sunday 6th of May 2018
Time: 12.30pm - 4pm
Location: Dartmouth Orchard, Ford Road, Dartmouth TQ6 9QT

Join us on this Day at Dartmouth Orchard. We will be there with some family activities and you can find out more about why orchards are so important (not just for bats!), bring a picnic.

Traditional orchards provide good foraging opportunities for greater horseshoe bats. These areas are sheltered, and the concentration of small trees enables the bats to move through the area more easily, and take advantage of the insect prey from the canopy and underlying grassland.

Greater horseshoe bats have a very high frequency call, which is both quiet and directional. This means that it disappears rapidly if it has nothing to bounce back from. Because of this they need navigational features, such as hedges or trees within a few metres of their feeding grounds. This makes orchards perfect for them as they open up larger areas of grassland for them to forage in.

Download our ‘Orchards for Greater Horseshoe Bats‘ information leaflet.

Further information

To find out more about orchards, how to manage them and how to find out about any events in your area, please visit and


No need to book, just turn up with your picnic! There is no parking by the orchard so please use park and ride or town car parks. Location details of the orchard are here.

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