Chudleigh Bat Friendly Gardening Practical

Date: Thursday 24th of May 2018
Time: 8pm - 10pm
Location: Chudleigh - The Bat and moth Garden at the corner of Rock road, opposite Glenspray

Learn all about bat friendly gardening by coming to help maintain the bat garden in Chudleigh at this evening event followed by some bat detecting.

Small changes to your garden can make a massive difference for bats and other wildlife. Tasks include planting wildflowers, and learning to identify good plants for bats.

Afterwards try your hand at some bat detecting as the sun sets.

Booking details

To book your place please email or phone the Bat Project on 01392 260849

Location on map:

Useful Bat Friendly Gardening downloads:

Stars of the Night Sky – Greater Horseshoe Bat Booklet – Find out how you can look after greater horseshoes and other bats in your own garden.

Encouraging Bats РA Bat Conservation Trust guide on which plants to choose, bat boxes, and how to tell common species apart.

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