Borrow a Bat Detector!

Devon Bat Project is pleased to announce that SM4 bat detectors can now be borrowed.  Find out which bats are in your local area and contribute to an important area of research!

These high-tech – yet simple to use – pieces of equipment record ultrasonic bat calls.  Data from your bat detector will be analysed and a report sent to you in November, detailing the bat activity that occurred near to the detector.

There are a number of host centres across Devon from which you can borrow a bat detector. Bookings are high with some centres fully booked for this season’s surveys. If your chosen centre is unavailable you can borrow from another centre, or take part next year (from April 2017).

A screenshot showing the BTO bat booking centres in Devon

Borrow a Bat Detector now!

Head over to our Devon Bat Survey page to find out more, including how to book an SM4.

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