Bat-fastleigh event – bat mural created

Buckfastleigh goes Bats!

It was brilliant to see so many bat enthusiasts at Buckfastleigh (Bat-fastleigh – get it?) for our April community event. Thanks to everyone who supported the event for making it such a great afternoon. Buckfastleigh Town Council is supporting efforts to make the town ‘bat friendly’. They want locals to get  involved in all things batty.

Amazing bat masks were made, as well as bats on sticks.

Visitors were excited to have the chance to view the sun through a special solar-scope, designed to allow people to safely study the sun.

Vincent Wildlife Trust were on hand to talk about how they look after the nearby roost of greater horseshoe bats.

The culmination of the event was the completion of a beautiful bat mural.  Everyone enjoyed getting covered in chalk and having a go!

Get involved in becoming a Bat Friendly Community where you live too!

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