Bat Emergence event – Friday 14th July

Date: Friday 14th July

Time: 7pm

Location: Otterton Mill

Otterton Mill is an important maternity roost for Pipistrelle bats. book a table for a dinner with a difference and the chance to see the bats emerge from these historic buildings at dusk. Licenced bat worker, Sarah Butcher has been called to the mill in the past to rescue baby bats who occasionally abandon their roost in favour of the walkway by our café! Sarah will be on hand with bat detectors for each table, enabling you to ‘hear’ the calls the bats are making or wander to the riverside to hear different bat species that use the river valley to hunt for food.

Event arranged by Clinton Devon Estates.

Book through Otterton Mill; click here Otterton Mill bat walk for poster and details

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Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project