A Brilliant Bat Friendly Gardening Event

In May 2018, we held a bat friendly gardening event in Chudleigh’s Bat Garden.

A group of people met in the early evening to help maintain the bat and moth garden in Chudleigh using bat friendly gardening methods, such as weeding, planting wildflowers and learning to identify good plants for bats.

As the sun set, we used detectors to spot some bats flying nearby – including pipistrelles flying in the lane.

Could your community become bat friendly?

Find out more on our Communities – Get Involved page.

How to make your garden more suitable for bats

Minor changes in how you use your garden can really benefit bats.

More insects = more bats! All 17 species of British bats eat only insects so increasing the insect population of your green space will provide more good food for the bats. A great way to do this is by planting different types of wildflowers, so lots of different insects can find food there.

Other bat friendly techniques:

  • Make a wet area such as a pond or bog, to increase insect numbers.
  • Plant trees and shrubs – this will create potential roosting areas for bats.
  • Avoid pesticides – these also kill non-target invertebrates and reduce the bats’ food supply.
  • Add a compost heap to your garden to encourage beetles – a favourite food for Greater Horseshoes!
  • Install a bat box – you can buy one or make your own.

Useful ‘bat gardening’ guides:

Devon Bat Project’s ‘Stars of the Night’ – how to support Greater horseshoes in your garden.

Bat Conservation Trust’s ‘Encouraging Bats’ – bat friendly gardening techniques.

Written by Caleb Compton (bat project volunteer)

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